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Do you have a high-energy dog that loves to run? Then my off-leash park group is the 

perfect solution! Your pup is picked up from home, and will spend an hour or more at one of Seattle's off-leash parks, running and playing with their fellow pack mates.


Off-leash adventures generally occur mid morning, and along with pick up, drop off and park time, your dog will be out of the house for 2-3 hours. Dogs thrive on routine, for this service I do ask for a 2x a week minimum. Dogs grow as a group, and it's important to keep this element of consistency.There are several requirements for off-leash group members, including: 

• Have no history of aggression towards other dogs or people, including children. 

• Demonstrate responsiveness to basic obedience commands, especially "Come." 

• Be up-to-date on all shots recommended by your veterinarian and required by law. 

• Be spayed/neutered if over 6 months old

• Wear a park-appropriate collar with current license and ID tags, including owner contact info.


$27 per trip 2-4 days per week

$25 per trip 5 days a week

2x weekly minimum

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